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Bemo Rail goes underground

Bemo Rail will rebuild a 100 meter lorry track, in a bunker together with the museum’s volunteer corps for the Atlantic Wall Museum in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.  “The Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk consists of a series of bunkers from the Second World War. At 250 meters from the Bosweg, on the Verlengde Bosweg 1, lies on […]

Golden Jubilee – Frans Seignette – Chef In-House Workshop

Expansion with In-House Assembly & Installation In 1986, Bemo Rail moved to a facility in Waarland. For the first time, Bemo Rail had its own workshop. It was a great opportunity for Bemo Rail to grow and expand our services with the assembly and installation of our own rail and shunting products. Frans Seignette, Chef […]

Golden Jubilee – Alex Boonstra, Welding Expert

Alex has been working at Bemo Rail for 25 years now, since October 1994. Alex has grown into one of our welding experts. “There is no weld that Alex cannot make, except maybe a thermite welding, as this is mainly done by the field staff,” explains Teun Druijf (director). Alex: “At the time, Bemo Rail […]

Golden Jubilee – Bemo Rail Shunters

We have been selling shunting locomotives, also known as rail shunters, at Bemo for 50 years now. Rail shunters, are typically used by companies that have their own on-site rail logistics systems. We design and manufacture bespoke shunters from scratch at our workshop in the Netherlands, combining and tailoring standard components to customer-specific needs and […]

Golden Jubilee – Jieles de Visser In-house engineering

Since 1983, Bemo Rail has had its own engineering department (drawing office). All the designs and calculations for our locomotives, trucks, winch installations and rail track constructions are made in the drawing office. All our rail and shunting products are designed and produced in-house using first-class components. Jieles de Visser, Senior Design Engineer After completing […]

Rail renovation coal bunker at a waste-to-energy plant

For a waste-to-energy plant we replaced the rails, reinstalled the weldable rail clamps and renovated the base plate with injections. A special assignment, because we managed to do all these renovations while the coal bunker remained in operation, and because the rails was difficult to reach on one side, we made a custom platform to […]