Entries by Manuela Boers-di Maio

Bemo BRD50 loc for Lyondell

Bemo recently obtained the contract for the delivery of 1 new BRD50 shunting locomotive. This will be leased by Lyondell Chemie Nederland BV for the wagon loading in their factory on Theemsweg at the Botlek in Rotterdam. The 2-axle locomotive is equipped with our traditional diesel hydrostatic drive, suitable for accurate and safe movement. We […]

New Bemo Traverse TB100 LWR Maasvlakte

After a successful construction, a new Bemo TB100 Traverse was recently delivered to the newly built workshop of Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam BV on the Maasvlakte. The Siemens E-locs are maintained in this workshop, they are driving among others on Dutch tracks. In this workshop the traverse will move the locs from the arrival track, to […]

Start project Boskalis Sweden

Next week we start a very nice project in Stockholm (Sweden) at Boskalis. It concerns 2 x 430 m new construction crane track type A120, on continuous plate cement-based grouting mortars. The work is carried out in cooperation with Stabirail. Unloading cranes that will drive over the Bemo crane tracks will contribute to supplying Stockholm in […]

KRE15RCRV delivered to GVB Diemen

Recently our KRE15RCRV was delivered to GVB HWR in Diemen (Amsterdam). This vehicle can run both on the track and on the road. The capacity is explained in such a way that the trams and metro trains can enter the workshop in Diemen via the existing traverse. The great advantage is that the KRE15RCRV is […]