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Golden Jubilee – Interview Berkhout

It is Wednesday, 1 July 1970 – a cool, summer day, with light rainfall, and only 13.3 degrees Celsius on the thermometer. Today, President Nixon urges the North Vietnamese government to negotiate peace before more blood is shed in Indo-China. Mr. W. Aantjes from the Dutch Chamber of Representatives proposes to postpone the national construction […]

Golden Jubilee Bemo Rail – Interview Teun Druijf

Every week we share a unique “Bemo experience” from the past 50 years. This week the interview with director Teun Druijf. In 2020, Bemo Rail is celebrating its 50th anniversary. From a modest trading company, Bemo Rail has grown into an expert in rail and shunting technology and enjoys a global reputation. Director Teun Druijf: […]

Onderhoud aan rails en rangeervoertuigen

Onze onderhoudswerkzaamheden gaan gewoon door! Juist in deze moeilijke tijd zetten wij onze vijftig jaar ervaring en vakmanschap graag in, om te zorgen dat uw organisatie klaar is voor de toekomst. Bemo Rail is opgericht als een bescheiden handelsbedrijf in 1970. Sindsdien zijn we uitgegroeid tot een van ‘s werelds toonaangevende experts op het gebied […]

Roland Garros Stadion

Bemo Rail is proud to be part of the unique construction of the retractable roof at the Roland Garros Stadium in Paris. The roof construction moves over a rail when it is opend and closed, the rail, type A150, is supplied by Bemo Rail. The rail is also attached with rail clips supplied by Bemo […]

Progress Tata Steel Quench loco 102 and 103

The construction of the 2 new quench loco’s is in progress and in a few months they will be ready for the factory purchase (FAT). The expectation is that these 2 locomotives will be ready for commissioning in the autumn. Bemo Rail has also received an order for the 4th quench loco (no. 104) from […]