Renovation PAF crane Tata Steel

At Tata Steel IJmuiden Bemo Rail  renovated the ground rail of the PAF crane during a stoppage of 72hour. The grouting of the rail was missing large portions and / or badly damaged, making recovery was necessary. The rail has been removed and inspected, after which new anchors are introduced in the existing foundation beam, the rail is replaced and new grouting has been applied.

Tata Steel renovatie PAF kraan Tata Steel renovatie PAF kraan Tata Steel renovatie PAF kraan



Tata Steel – Buka 2

Tata Steel IJmuiden in recent years gradually the water-rail construction of the Outer Harbour Quay 2 ‘Buka 2’ renovated. The 2 x 300 meters on the east side is the last phase of the project and needed to be renovated in a short timeframe. The collapsed rail chairs are cleaned and inspected, after which they are fitted with steel plates with elastic material to absorb the available wear in the rail chairs and offer a sustainable solution for the coming years.

Tata Steel - Buka 2 Tata Steel - Buka 2 Tata Steel - Buka 2

Artwork roundabout Leeuwarden

Commissioned by the municipality of Leeuwarden and in collaboration with artist Hans van Houwelingen Bemo Rail has a roundabout adorned with a beautiful gutter construction of rails. The water feature called ‘BadBubble’ was made as a partition between the water basin and the asphalt pavement. A circle with a diameter of about 12 meters. The rail type is S49 and the inner rail has a body which is made ​​100 mm higher. In the gutter ​​mountings are made for the road signs. Commissioned by the artist it is entirely treated with a special polish, so the steel retains a beautiful deep brown rust color.

Friday, September 25 , the artwork was officially opened by the artist and City Counsel Member Isabelle Diks.

kunstwerk Leeuwarden rails kunstwerk Leeuwarden rails kunstwerk Leeuwarden rails

Rails voor Sobeys Toronto

Bemo Rail has been commissioned for the company Dambach Lagersysteme GmbH in total to construct 996 meter rail construction in the new distribution of Sobeys in Toronto, Canada. The rail systems can be built in nine different courses and will serve for so-called stacker cranes which will move between the racking goods.

The plan is to have the work completed around the end of this year.

Railconstructie Sobeys Toronto Railconstructie Sobeys TorontoRailconstructie Sobeys Toronto

Maintenance Platform

Bemo Rail has designed  and introduced a multifunctional working platform for STS cranes. This platform is specially designed for maintenance works on the trolley rails.

ZPMC and Bemo Rail have entered into a cooperation to increase the level of service to our customers. Bemo Rail has extensive experience with rail products and related services and ZPMC is worlds market leader as a manufacturer of port equipment, dominating the ship-to-shore and yard gantry container crane market.

Our cooperation especially aims to maintain and improve the trolley rails on ship-to-shore, yard and railway gantry cranes.

Advantages Maintenance Platform

• No scaffolding or man lift required
• Downtime reduced to a minimum
• Safe and approved work station with CE control mark
• Operational within 3 hours
• Usable for several servicing purposes such as inspection and rail maintenance
• To hoist with maintenance crane in M-house and/or mobile crane
• Supplied in standard box container in favour of storage and transport

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Maintenance Platform

Maintenance Platform in container

Maintenance Platform Maintenance Platform Maintenance Platform


Renovation crane rail construction at Smals, Cuijk

Bemo Rail has commissioned by KenzFigee renewed the railway structures of the crane at Smals in Cuijk. The work consisted of providing and replacing the katrail and the supply and replacement of the turntable.

The last mentioned was quite a challenge. The rails of the turntable was replaced without the crane have been taken off. The circular segments are at Kersten Europe exactly the right size and fitted exactly. The work was performed in the carnival weekend, so that the North Brabant end user so had the least affected by the stoppage of the crane.


Katrail en draaikrans vervangen bij Smals, Cuijk Katrail en draaikrans vervangen bij Smals, Cuijk


Project Kai Tak Cruise Terminal completed!

Bemo Rail has the complete project at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong successfully! Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is a gate to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Asia. The cruise terminal offers efficient service to board and disembarkation of cruise passengers and also there is a wonderful roof terrace where visitors can dine.

Bemo Rail has crane track A75 fitted with an adjustable clip continuously supported . The rails are welded by a puddle arc process. After the entire crane track was ready this was overseen by Bemo Rail filled with asphalt gutter filling. There can be driven on safely over the gutter with heavy equipment.


Gootvulling Kai Tak Cruise Terminal - Hong Kong



Kraanbaan op beton, continu ondersteund - Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Hong Kong

APM Terminals Maasvlakte 2 – completed

Bemo Rail has completed its work at the end of November: the new APM Terminals Maasvlakte 2. The first cranes are already built.

Commissioned by Dura Vermeer Railinfra Bemo Rail mounted 2×475 meter quay rail A150 for the Barge Terminal, 2×975 meter quay rail A150 assembled for the Deepsea quay and a total of 1274 puddle arc welds made in crane rail A150 and MRS87A.


APM Maasvlakte2 APM Maasvlakte2 APM Maasvlakte2