Progress Tata Steel Quench loco 102 and 103

The construction of the 2 new quench loco’s is in progress and in a few months they will be ready for the factory purchase (FAT). The expectation is that these 2 locomotives will be ready for commissioning in the autumn. Bemo Rail has also received an order for the 4th quench loco (no. 104) from Tata Steel, we have started building the loc. This 104 is scheduled for delivery in the summer of 2020.

Bemo BRD50 loc for Lyondell

New Bemo Traverse TB100 LWR Maasvlakte

After a successful construction, a new Bemo TB100 Traverse was recently delivered to the newly built workshop of Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam BV on the Maasvlakte. The Siemens E-locs are maintained in this workshop, they are driving among others on Dutch tracks. In this workshop the traverse will move the locs from the arrival track, to the various workshop and parking tracks and vice versa.

The traverse serves the 2 arrival tracks, 6 workshop tracks and 8 parking tracks. By choosing the traverse a lot of space-consuming and expensive points of exchange street is saved. The traverse is equipped with all essential safety features and partly thanks to this and the semi-automatic operation, the operators can easily operate the traverse themselves. And the traverse is finished in beautiful Siemens gray.

BRDE80 progress for the Middle East

After the successful testing of the BRDR80 at the Steam Tram Museum in Hoorn, and the shipping of the 1st of the 2 locomotives, the 2nd BRDE80 is now also ready for transport. As soon as the two locomotives are at their destination, our technicians will further test them and put them into operation. They will take care of the shunting work at the depot, but if necessary also drive on the line. They can ride both solo and in double traction. The 2-axle locomotives are equipped with a diesel electric AC / AC drive and on the metro line itself they will be able to run at a speed of 50 km/ h.

2 more quench loco’s for Tata Steel

After a successful delivery of the Tata Quench loco 101, Bemo Rail has now also received the order for the 2nd and 3rd quench loco (no. 102 and 103) from Tata.
The frames are now ready for further assembly and the booths are already moving forward. The locomotives are expected to be ready for commissioning in the autumn.


Start project Boskalis Sweden

Next week we start a very nice project in Stockholm (Sweden) at Boskalis. It concerns 2 x 430 m new construction crane track type A120, on continuous plate cement-based grouting mortars. The work is carried out in cooperation with Stabirail.

Unloading cranes that will drive over the Bemo crane tracks will contribute to supplying Stockholm in particular. A city that grows annually with 45,000 people. A project to be proud of!



Third and last GE locomotive on transport to Tata

On Thursday 28 February, the third and final GE locomotive was transported to Tata Steel IJmuiden.
It involved an impressive transport of no less than 36 meters, with a 95 ton locomotive.

Just like the previous two, this locomotive has also been restored and modernized in collaboration with Tata Steel.
The locomotive is equipped with new clean and quieter diesel engines, which meet the most recent climate requirements of the EU.

New Bemo Traverse TB130 delivered to C.RO Ports in Rozenburg

Also at C.RO the trains have to be pulled in and the locomotives will travel to the track via the Bemo Traverse. Because the exchange street at the end of the railway tracks has been removed, this saves a lot of space, but also high costs for the construction and maintenance of the exchange street.

The traverse serves 4 set-up tracks and 1 bypass track.

The traverse is equipped with all essential safety features and the train drivers can use this and a semi automatic operation to operate the crossbar easily.

KRE15RCRV delivered to GVB Diemen

Recently our KRE15RCRV was delivered to GVB HWR in Diemen (Amsterdam).
This vehicle can run both on the track and on the road. The capacity is explained in such a way that the trams and metro trains can enter the workshop in Diemen via the existing traverse. The great advantage is that the KRE15RCRV is powered by batteries and therefore does not emit exhaust emissions, which of course offers a great advantage in the workshop.

In addition, the ease of use is also great, because use is made of a radio remote control. The KRE15RCRV is equipped with various types of adapters so that various types of equipment can be linked. In the meantime, most mechanics have also been instructed at GVB so that the unit can be used safely.