APM Med2 Port Tangier – Morocco

More than 1 year ago, Bemo Rail started the construction of the new APM terminal, Med2 Port in Tangier, Morocco. Commissioned by Willemen, we build ARMG rails and STS rails. Soon we will start the 2nd phase (there are 3 in total) of this prestige project. In consultation with our client, Bemo Rail has developed a unique rail system for the ARMG cranes for this terminal.


APM Med2 Port - MarokkoAPM Med2 Port - Marokko

2 locomotives for Metro depot in Middle East

Last year, Bemo received the order for the delivery of 2 BRDE80 shunting locomotives. The locomotives will be built for work on a Metro depot in the Middle East. There they will take care of the shunting work on the depot itself, but if necessary also on the line. They can drive both solo and double-traction, so they also have sufficient pulling power to drive with a trailer load against slopes. The 2-axle locomotives are equipped with a diesel electric AC / AC drive and on the metro line itself they can drive up to 50 km/h.

The 1st of the two locomotives will be ready for shipment in mid-June and the second will be exhibited at the Innotrans trade fair in Berlin from 17 to 23 September.

Focus_rangeerloc Focus_rangeerloc Focus_rangeerloc


BMW Mexico

Bemo Rail started a project at the construction site of BMW Group in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The work involves the installation of three lengths of 61 meters of rail for three stacker cranes; rail type MRS87a discontinuous supports on concrete. The tracks are mounted at the location of the storage depot of the cars. The work is expected to be completed in week 17.

Mexico Mexico Mexico

ISR tunnel CERN

Bemo Rail is currently working in the ISR tunnel of CERN, located near Geneva.
CERN is a European organization that conducts nuclear research into elementary particles.
In this underground tunnel, Bemo replaces 240 meters of A65 curved tracks.

Guided tours students

On Monday 26 March 2 groups 8 from primary school de Doorbraak in Warmenhuizen visited Bemo Rail. The children walked enthusiastically through the workshop and through various offices. Interesting stories from the practice were more than welcome for them for the benefit of their ‘Tough Professions’ project. Working at Bemo Rail seemed to be tough and fascinating for most. So who knows, we’ll see them again when they grow up later … They’re welcome!


Road-rail vehicle for Middle East

After a successful construction last Thursday and Friday the FAT for the new Bemo KRE15RCRV passed.

The KRE15RCRV is electrically powered and equipped with batteries for the power supply. It does not produce exhaust gas and noise emissions. During the day the locomotive is in use and at night the batteries are recharged. He can drive both on the track and on the road. This makes it easy to bypass long stretches of track and, for example, drive to another place in a workshop / depot across the road. The locomotive will take care of the shunting work at a factory in the Middle East where new wagons are built and will replace an old locomotive. Basically he will move the hulls from the paint shop to the end assembly department.

By this choice, the customer will save a lot on fuel consumption, maintenance and emissions.

Update GE loco Tata Steel

Meanwhile, the upgrade of the 1st GE loco for Tata Steel is progressing steadily. The frame is upright again and the bogies, fuel and air tanks are already underneath. The specific SA3 shunting couplings have also been installed. All 6 DGU’s (diesel generator units) are in a row and the wait is still on the revised generators, the first two DGU’s are now assembled first.

Bemo Rail awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year!

Last Thursday was the result of the election ‘Entrepreneur of the year’. After an exciting drum roll Bemo Rail became the big winner in the category ‘Industry, Companies and Agribusiness’! “We are very proud of this great award! It feels good that our high-quality products and services are valued and as a team we continue to work hard to keep our good name”, says Teun Druijf.

Thanks to everyone for his / her vote!


Rails for roof Roland Garros

Bemo Rail received the order to supply materials for the Tennis Stade Roland Garros in Paris. There will be a roof on the center court that can automatically open and close by moving over rails. For this project Bemo Rail will supply rails, rail clips and elastic pads. The total renovation and expansion of the complex will be completed in 2020.



Bemo nominated: Vote for us!

The election of the entrepreneurs of the year takes place annually in the municipality of Schagen. Bemo Rail is nominated in the category ‘Industry, Companies and Agribusiness’.
Are you an entrepreneur in the municipality of Schagen? Then you can also cast your vote with the unique code sent by mail. Of course we would love it if you cast your vote on us!

The winner will be announced on Thursday 18 January.