TB100 Traverse taken into use

The new traverse for the Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam has been installed and taken into use. The Siemens Vectron track locomotives are placed on the right track for maintenance by the traverse. The traverse has a load capacity of 100 tons. The traverse serves 2 supply tracks, 6 maintenance / workshop tracks and 8 parking tracks.

TB60 Traverse GVB: taken into use

The renovation has been carried out while the traverse was partially still in use, so the work had to be carried out in phases and the processing time has been long. All aspects of the traverse have been renewed.

The GVB has once again a properly functioning traverse which, together with the previously delivered Bemo KRE15RCRV, can bring the trams and metro to the right track in the workshop.

Bemo will remain connected to this traverse to provide service.

BRD50 Lyondell; is delivered and in use

New BRD-50 locomotive deliverd to Lyondell Chemie Nederland B.V and taken into use.

The 2-axle locomotive is equipped with a diesel hydrostatic drive, suitable for accurate and safe movement.

Specifically for Lyondell, the speed is limited to 6km /h. The locomotive is also equipped with a braking system to stop the wagons, as well as an automatic RK900 shunting coupling, radio remote control and gas detection, which switches the locomotive off in the event of an emergency.

Major maintenance BRD130 Dow Benelux

In our Bemo workshop, major maintenance was carried out on a BRD130 locomotive from DOW Benelux BV. All hydraulic hoses have been replaced. The locomotive has been delivered to Dow Benelux and taken into use.

More information about our maintenance & 24 hour service.

Progress Tata Steel Quench loco 104

The BL104’s diesel engine will start this week. We will soon start with the testing of the BL104, which is expected to be ready for delivery before the summer of 2020.

This is the largest series of locomotives of the same type in the history of Bemo Rail. Read more about the BL locomotives for Tata Steel.

Welding Bello steam locomotive for Steam foundation Hoorn

Bemo Rail worked on the unique renovation of the original Bello steam tram. In our workshop we recently welded one off the frames.

We have also welded the bogie frame before and in 2019 we made the new bordes. The Dutch steam museum, located between the Dutch village’s Hoorn and, will return the Bello locomotives in its original state. We are very proud that we can contribute to this unique piece of work!

More about the project: https://www.stoomtram.nl/de-tram-voor-bello/


Tata Blusloco 102/103; have been delivered and taken into use

Quench Locomotives 102 & 103 are delivered to Tata Steel. We already started the manufacturing of the 4th quench loco, in our workplace. This will be ready before the summer of 2020.

Progress Tata Steel Quench loco 102 and 103

The construction of the 2 new quench loco’s is in progress and in a few months they will be ready for the factory purchase (FAT). The expectation is that these 2 locomotives will be ready for commissioning in the autumn. Bemo Rail has also received an order for the 4th quench loco (no. 104) from Tata Steel, we have started building the loc. This 104 is scheduled for delivery in the summer of 2020.

Bemo BRD50 loc for Lyondell

New Bemo Traverse TB100 LWR Maasvlakte

After a successful construction, a new Bemo TB100 Traverse was recently delivered to the newly built workshop of Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam BV on the Maasvlakte. The Siemens E-locs are maintained in this workshop, they are driving among others on Dutch tracks. In this workshop the traverse will move the locs from the arrival track, to the various workshop and parking tracks and vice versa.

The traverse serves the 2 arrival tracks, 6 workshop tracks and 8 parking tracks. By choosing the traverse a lot of space-consuming and expensive points of exchange street is saved. The traverse is equipped with all essential safety features and partly thanks to this and the semi-automatic operation, the operators can easily operate the traverse themselves. And the traverse is finished in beautiful Siemens gray.