Guided tours students

On Monday 26 March 2 groups 8 from primary school de Doorbraak in Warmenhuizen visited Bemo Rail. The children walked enthusiastically through the workshop and through various offices. Interesting stories from the practice were more than welcome for them for the benefit of their ‘Tough Professions’ project. Working at Bemo Rail seemed to be tough and fascinating for most. So who knows, we’ll see them again when they grow up later … They’re welcome!


Road-rail vehicle for Middle East

After a successful construction last Thursday and Friday the FAT for the new Bemo KRE15RCRV passed.

The KRE15RCRV is electrically powered and equipped with batteries for the power supply. It does not produce exhaust gas and noise emissions. During the day the locomotive is in use and at night the batteries are recharged. He can drive both on the track and on the road. This makes it easy to bypass long stretches of track and, for example, drive to another place in a workshop / depot across the road. The locomotive will take care of the shunting work at a factory in the Middle East where new wagons are built and will replace an old locomotive. Basically he will move the hulls from the paint shop to the end assembly department.

By this choice, the customer will save a lot on fuel consumption, maintenance and emissions.

Update GE loco Tata Steel

Meanwhile, the upgrade of the 1st GE loco for Tata Steel is progressing steadily. The frame is upright again and the bogies, fuel and air tanks are already underneath. The specific SA3 shunting couplings have also been installed. All 6 DGU’s (diesel generator units) are in a row and the wait is still on the revised generators, the first two DGU’s are now assembled first.

Bemo Rail awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year!

Last Thursday was the result of the election ‘Entrepreneur of the year’. After an exciting drum roll Bemo Rail became the big winner in the category ‘Industry, Companies and Agribusiness’! “We are very proud of this great award! It feels good that our high-quality products and services are valued and as a team we continue to work hard to keep our good name”, says Teun Druijf.

Thanks to everyone for his / her vote!


Bemo BRD130 Rescue Vehicle Taiwan

Recently the BRD130 was extensively adjusted and tested in Taiwan. It took a while before the first EMU was driveable and the first representative route was ready for test run. The most critical test involved riding a slope of 5.3% with the (unrestrained) EMU (metro carriage) of 120 tonnes considered as dead load!
And after an extensive track inspection and speed tests, this was also achieved under slippery conditions. Certainly an achievement.

The opportunity has also been taken to adjust and test the Bemo BRD50 Service Vehicle.
The performance test for the Service Vehicle will be done later during the Site Acceptance Test (SAT).


1st frame Tata GE loco has arrived

Recently we reported the news that Bemo has signed the contract for upgrading 3 GE locos for Tata Steel.

The first locomotives were dismantled at Tata and the first frame was prepared by Tata and shipped to Bemo. And at Bemo we started the preparation and implementation of the piping underneath the base frame. The detailed design is in full swing and production for DGUs (diesel generator units) and cab is already advanced. Also, the main components (such as diesel engines and generators) have been ordered.

Among other things, for moving the loco frames, and later the complete loco’s, 2 sets of 50t overhead cranes have been purchased and now installed so that the loco’s can easily be moved within our factory.

Tata Steel GE loc Tata Steel GE loc Tata Steel GE loc 50t cranes


BRD130 assembly for OCI is proceeding successfully

Earlier this year, Bemo received the order to deliver a new Bemo BRD130 shunting loco to OCI Europoort.

It is a diesel hydraulically driven 2-axle rangeer locomotive with its own weight of approximately 45t. The locomotive is equipped with a radio remote control, a Tag reader and GPS system to ensure that only authorized personnel can operate the locomotive.

The locomotive will soon replace the current Bemo rental loco MB360N.


Contract upgrade 3 GE locs Tata Steel

Recently, Bemo Rail has been awarded the order of Tata Steel to convert 3 GE locs into a modern version, with particular attention to exhaust gas and noise emissions and reducing maintenance. The upgraded locomotives will be equipped with the cab and diesel generator units (DGUs). The diesel engine follows the strict EU Stage IV emission standard, which also reduces NOx emissions. The choice for separate DGUs has the advantage that they can be exchanged with additional (ordered) sets quickly. The maintenance of the DGUs can then be carried out at a later stage, so that for maintenance the locos do not have to be put out of service.
Particular to this assignment is that construction starts at Tata Steel. Following the Bemo design changes Tata Technical Service (HTD) will modify and paint the existing frames and truck sets accordingly, so the frame will match new superstructures. In the meantime Bemo will design and construct the new cab and DGU’s. When base frames are ready at Tata, they will be shipped to Bemo workshop in Warmenhuizen. From that point, Bemo Rail will start to assemble cab and DGU’s onto the frames at our workshop. It is expected that the first ‘new’ locomotive will return to Tata Steel in spring 2018.

Amongst for this project, we have increased our crane capacity from 45 to 100t! So from now on we can also handle all the heavy 4-axis locos.

GE loc Tata SteelGE loc Tata Steel

New Bemo Quench loco BL101 in operation at Cokes Factory 1 Tata Steel IJmuiden

After a successful construction with frequent specific consultation with Tata, the new Bemo quench loco BL101 was delivered last spring. In the meanwhile, the extended test period has also been completed successfully and the new quench loco is in operation at the Cokes Factory 1. The quench loco is now fully operational and has been in operation for the first 2000 hours. This is also the maintenance interval, which corresponds to approximately 3 months 24/7 operational duty! The “BL101” is a quench loco with a diesel-electric drive, where just diesel hydraulic variants have been used at the Cokes Factory 1 since the mid-1970s. The diesel engine follows the strict EU Stage IV emission standard, which also reduces NOx emissions. In particular, the extra weight and the larger wheelbase contribute to the greatly improved traction, keeping wheelslip on the super slippery track under control. This allows the locomotive to be used for automatic and unmanned effort in the future.


New loc in use at Yara

After her public debut at the RailTech exhibition in Utrecht, the new Bemo BRD100 is commissioned and put into operation successfully at Yara Plant in Sluiskil the Netherlands! Please note the fresh (Yara) orange – grey color scheme.

Yara Sluiskil Yara Sluiskil Yara Sluiskil