School visits Bemo Rail

Group seven of elementary School Torenven from Warmenhuizen visited Bemo Rail for a tour at 16th of February. In the context of the project ‘Cool occupations’ the children where at the right place and they were welcomed enthusiastically.
From the drawing room, where 3D sketches of locomotives were displayed, to seeing the cool’ end products in the workplace. A process in which they stood and watched with open mouths to. It was clearly a positive impression, because the kids wanted all to come to work at Bemo Rail when ‘they would be grown up.” A greater compliment we could not get mission accomplished!

Rondleiding_school Rondleiding_school Rondleiding_school Rondleiding_school Rondleiding_school Rondleiding_school

Shunting locomotives for Taiwan and Dubai

There are three new shunting locomotives under construction in our workshop in Warmenhuizen . Two of them are destined for Taiwan. It is a 4-axle BRD 130 (photo 1 right back), a 2-axle BRD 50. The third brand new engine is a 4-axle BRD 150 for Dubai. Locomotives are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016.

Rangeerlocomotief Taiwan Dubai Rangeerlocomotief Taiwan Dubai

Shunting loc BRD80 at Vopak TTR

Recently Bemo delivered the brand new Bemo shunting locomotive BRD80 at Vopak TTR. Vopak Terminal TTR has a special focus on wagonloads. Just like the existing loc, this new one has a radiographic remote control.

Rangeerloc BRD80 bij Vopak TTR Rangeerloc BRD80 bij Vopak TTR

Shunting locomotive BRD80 - Vopak TTR

Shunting locomotive BRD80 – Vopak TTR

New shunting systems OCI

Recently Bemo Rail installed and produced new shunting systems at OCI Rotterdam Europort. This installation will be used at the existing ammonia wagon loading. As usual the steering has been completely integrated into the steering of the loading. This means a seamless cooperation between all protections and interlocks.

Lieren - OCI

Shunting system – OCI

Lieren - OCI

Shunting system – OCI

New: Gmeinder shunting loc for rent

Soon the Bemo rental fleet will be expanded with a new locomotive: the Gmeinder D25B shunting locomotive of 40t.

It is equipped with new diesel engine, pneumatic installation and completely new control and wiring. Also, the wheel sets are overhauled and equipped with new tires and wheel is also addressed sheet metal and conservation. This results in a nice of shunting locomotive 40t which can be used in many areas.

Gmenider 1 Gmeinder 2