Flash butt welding by Bemo Rail

With more than 50 years of experience, Bemo Rail BV is an expert in the field of crane tracks and rail welding. We are therefore proud to tell you that we have a new flash butt welding machine available for projects all over the world and can be transported by plane, truck or ship to your project location.

A unique machine, specially developed for all common crane rails up to the heaviest profiles like A150. This machine can also be used for projects at height.

If you are looking for high quality rail welds, with an efficient program up to 30 welds a day, our welding team is happy to assist you.

More information on our welding page.


Synthetic sleepers | The new generation of sleepers

Bemo Rail is continuously developing and innovating, by choosing the best, most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Our engineering department has researched the possibilities for new materials that are better for the climate, without compromising on quality.

The new generation of sleepers
In addition to our regular concrete sleeper, we also offer a new generation of sleepers, a fully synthetic sleeper. The sleepers are made from a recycled material and produced according to a patented technology. We have full control of the production process because it concerns our own production. We use a low temperature process, no injection moulding, but melting and high pressure formation. The emphasis is on the long molecule structure.

Synthetic material is often used for bridges, switches, but also for train tracks, lightrail and industrial applications. The advantage of synthetic material is that the product is strong, durable, lightweight, easy and quick to assemble and completely circular. The price is low (compared to other synthetics), the TOC is low and availability is guaranteed.

Synthetic sleepers

Why use synthetic sleepers:

  • Fully recycled material
  • Own material, full control of input and process
  • Patented technology
  • Low temperature process. No injection moulding, but melting and high pressure formation.
  • Accent on long molecule structure
  • High capacity 100,000 pieces and scalable
  • Used all over the world
  • Resistant to compression load formation
  • Toughness, synthetics absorbs energy during load

More information:
For more information, contact Erik de Jong on +31226 42 53 00 or via info@bemorail.nl  Have a look at all our types of sleepers: www.bemorail.com/portfolio-item/sleepers/

synthetic sleepers Bemo Rail

Crane track renovation at Tata Steel

A project completed with success! This month we carried out a crane track renovation at Tata steel in IJmuiden during a standstill.

We have renovated a crane track at height on behalf of Tata Steel IJmuiden. The crane track is used by a semi-gantry crane that transports steel plates over the crane track. The track is part of the production process at the Oxysteel factory 2. The crane track construction was severely worn-out over a length of 115 meters and needed to be renovated. The work was carried out, in ongoing shifts during a shutdown of 72 hours.

Gerben Fidder, Project Manager Rail Technology: “The complexity of a renovation like this one is that you have to determine in advance, this is necessary to make sure that all equipment and materials are present. Good coordination with the customer, but also an on time reminder of the purchased materials, the preliminary testing of the equipment and the availability of extra machines is necessary. The most important is that the customer’s wishes are correctly translated into practice. Although we are well prepared, unforeseen things always come up during a renovation. It must be kept in mind that the planned time can’t be delayed. It was again an interesting challenge! We are happy and proud that all work has been carried out and delivered, with the intended quality and within the planned timeframe.”

We take care of everything from start to finish
Unique at Bemo Rail is that thanks to our in-house engineering department, our own workshop and 50 years of experience, we can take care of the entire process from start to finish for our customers. For this project for Tata Steel, we made the production drawings ourselves, the rails were milled and the rail clamps were produced in our own workshop in Warmenhuizen.

In the execution, our own staff carried out the steel construction renovation. The conservation work was carried out by certified suppliers of which Bemo has hired the services.

In addition to the right equipment, Bemo Rail has an adequate and trained professional staff who deliver your project within the set quality requirements. After all, Bemo rail has been providing this for its customers for 50 years. Bemo has obtained various certifications to deliver qualified work to the customer. These are: VCA **, EN1090 EXC-2, DIN and ISO 9001: 2015, and ISO 3834-2.

For more information about crane track, ground rails renovations or new construction, please contact 0226 42 53 00 and ask for the rail technology department or visit www.bemorail.com/rail-systems/services/.

Bemo Rail goes underground

Bemo Rail will rebuild a 100 meter lorry track, in a bunker together with the museum’s volunteer corps for the Atlantic Wall Museum in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. 

“The Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk consists of a series of bunkers from the Second World War. At 250 meters from the Bosweg, on the Verlengde Bosweg 1, lies on the cycle path in the Noordwijk battery, consisting of a fire control bunker, artillery bunkers, ammunition bunkers and residential bunkers connected by a tunnel system. Volunteers have worked hard in recent years to make it possible to open up different bunkers and the corridors to the public.” Bemo Rail is proud to contribute to this unique historic project.

“Before the 2nd World War started, the dunes north of Noordwijk were used as a golf course. This changed at the end of 1940, as the German marines took control of the area. About 180 soldiers came to reside there and living quarters, washing facilities and combat places were built for them. In total about 80 buildings, varying from wooden sanitary facilities to heavy concrete bunkers which had walls up to 3 meters thick. The building of the largest bunker S414 took more than 1,800 m3 of concrete, the equivalent of the contents of about 300 modern cement trucks! Therefore it is no wonder the Germans also built a railway to the bunkers to transport all the required raw materials. This, together with rationing, schemes for changing the guard, and defence strategies required elaborate logistical planning.”

Source and information: https://atlantikwall.nl/en/

Maintenance work at HLLA Container Terminal Hamburg

Another job finished, at the HLLA container terminal in Hamburg we repaired the underlayment and railclips of a trolley rails using our specially designed STS Crane Maintenance Platform.

The advantage of using the Bemo Rail maintenance platform is that no scaffolding of man lift is required. The platform is a save and approved work station with a CE control mark and it uses several servicing purposes such as rail maintenance and inspection.

If your crane track shows subsidence, shifting, rail breaches or other problems, we can solve them. A damaged rail can keep your crane out of service, which has annoying consequences and must be solved. Besides we can also maintain your rail construction periodically. Our maintenance work continues as usual! Especially now we will continue using our fifty years of experience and expertise to ensure that your organization is ready for the future.

Click here for more information about our STS Maintenance Platform

For maintenance on rail- or crane tracks, please contact George Nieuwland at, nieuwland@bemorail.nl or call 0031226-425318.


Onderhoud aan rails en rangeervoertuigen

Onze onderhoudswerkzaamheden gaan gewoon door! Juist in deze moeilijke tijd zetten wij onze vijftig jaar ervaring en vakmanschap graag in, om te zorgen dat uw organisatie klaar is voor de toekomst.

Bemo Rail is opgericht als een bescheiden handelsbedrijf in 1970. Sindsdien zijn we uitgegroeid tot een van ‘s werelds toonaangevende experts op het gebied van rail- en rangeertechniek. Omdat we alle diensten onder één dak hebben; van tekening tot eindproduct, slagen we er zelfs nu, met deze wereldwijde uitdaging in om onze operatie draaiende te houden.

Onze Bemo Rail vak experts komen graag langs om onderhoudswerkzaamheden te doen aan uw rangeervoertuigen, rail- en kraanbanen. Met gepaste afstand en extra beschermingsmaatregelen staan we voor uw klaar. Uw kranen en locomotieven moeten blijven rijden en wij kunnen u daarbij van dienst zijn.

De ervaren service medewerkers van Bemo Rail zijn uitgebreid geschoold in alle facetten van het vak, tevens opgeleid tot machinist en beheersen de specifieke kennis voor onder andere remtechniek en werken met een radiolok. Daarnaast beschikken zij over alle mogelijke moderne hulpmiddelen en volledig ingerichte bedrijfswagens. Een onderdeel van het dienstenaanbod is het periodiek onderhouden van; rangeerlocomotieven, lorries, traversen en treinverhaalinstallaties.

Indien uw railbaan of trolleyrail met verzakking, verschuivingen, railbreuken of andere problemen te kampen heeft, kunnen wij dat oplossen. Een beschadigde rail kan immers uw kraan buiten bedrijf houden, wat vervelende consequenties kan hebben en dus opgelost moet worden. Daarnaast kunnen wij uw railconstructie ook periodiek onderhouden.

Wilt u vrijblijvend meer informatie?

  • Voor onderhoud aan rail- of kraanbanen kunt u contact opnemen met George Nieuwland via, nieuwland@bemorail.nl of 0226-425318.
  • Voor onderhoud aan uw rangeervoertuigen kunt u contact opnemen met Remon van den Hoek via, vandenhoek@bemorail.nl of 0226-425316.

Bemo in Schager Weekblad

Gisteren is Bemo Rail met een leuk artikel extra in de spotlights gezet in de vacaturespecial van het Schager Weekblad.

Publicatiedatum: woensdag 17 oktober.