Artwork roundabout Leeuwarden

Commissioned by the municipality of Leeuwarden and in collaboration with artist Hans van Houwelingen Bemo Rail has a roundabout adorned with a beautiful gutter construction of rails. The water feature called ‘BadBubble’ was made as a partition between the water basin and the asphalt pavement. A circle with a diameter of about 12 meters. The rail type is S49 and the inner rail has a body which is made ​​100 mm higher. In the gutter ​​mountings are made for the road signs. Commissioned by the artist it is entirely treated with a special polish, so the steel retains a beautiful deep brown rust color.

Friday, September 25 , the artwork was officially opened by the artist and City Counsel Member Isabelle Diks.

kunstwerk Leeuwarden rails kunstwerk Leeuwarden rails kunstwerk Leeuwarden rails