Bemo BRD130 for OCI Europoort

After a successful construction and successful delivery in Europoort, the new Bemo BRD130 for OCI Europoort has recently been delivered. The locomotive will take care of the shunting work for both its own OCI work and also for the ETT terminal, which uses the same access tracks. Thanks to the adjustable crawling speed, OCI makes it possible to weigh the wagons on the weighbridge while driving. Furthermore, the locomotive is also equipped with Tag readers that prevents unauthorized operation. And the locomotive is just like the new Bemo locomotive at Yara in the beautiful orange-gray color combination. The locomotive again has the characteristic good accessibility for operators, maintenance engineers and the addition of fuel.

The locomotive is being let to OCI for 10 years, including maintenance and is therefore added to our current rental fleet.



Bemo BRD130 Rescue Vehicle Taiwan

Recently the BRD130 was extensively adjusted and tested in Taiwan. It took a while before the first EMU was driveable and the first representative route was ready for test run. The most critical test involved riding a slope of 5.3% with the (unrestrained) EMU (metro carriage) of 120 tonnes considered as dead load!
And after an extensive track inspection and speed tests, this was also achieved under slippery conditions. Certainly an achievement.

The opportunity has also been taken to adjust and test the Bemo BRD50 Service Vehicle.
The performance test for the Service Vehicle will be done later during the Site Acceptance Test (SAT).


BRD130 assembly for OCI is proceeding successfully

Earlier this year, Bemo received the order to deliver a new Bemo BRD130 shunting loco to OCI Europoort.

It is a diesel hydraulically driven 2-axle rangeer locomotive with its own weight of approximately 45t. The locomotive is equipped with a radio remote control, a Tag reader and GPS system to ensure that only authorized personnel can operate the locomotive.

The locomotive will soon replace the current Bemo rental loco MB360N.


2 locs to Metro Taipei – Taiwan

In the meantime FAT have been held in Warmenhuizen for BRD130 and BRD50 for Taipei Metro. After the successful FAT both locs are transported and delivered in Taipei. The SAT follows at a later time, as soon as the deposit and the tracks are ready.
BRD130 Taiwan Taipei BRD130 Taiwan Taipei BRD130 Taiwan Taipei BRD130 Taiwan Taipei

Bemo Rail ON TOUR

Last Friday Bemo organized a ride with the BRD130 shunting locomotive for Taiwan, especially for Bemo personnel and their families. The loc is currently being tested at ‘Stoomstichting Hoorn’. With 4 carriages behind the 4-axle locomotive we whizzed honking and waving on the track, in the direction of Twisk. A very nice experience!

Bemo Loc ritje Bemo Loc ritje Bemo Loc ritje

BRD 130 tested at Museum steamtram

After a successful test of the 4-axle shunting locomotive BRD150 intended for Iran, it’s now time to test our new 4-axle shunting loc: the BRD130, with the final destination Taipei (Taiwan).
In anticipation of the upcoming Factory Acceptance Test the locomotive is tuned and adjusted. This to make sure that the loc will arrive exactly as we wish. The BRD130 will be used for shunting services to the Metro Taipei in the workplace and as an intervention vehicle for the job stranded subway carriages. Our locomotive will then drag back these stranded carriages to the workshop.

This locomotive has a maximum speed of 50km/h, has 13 tonnes of pulling force and handles slopes up to 5.5%! riding with attached trailer load. Further provided with auxiliary tools for the re-railing and towing of vehicles, but also equipped with an automatic train control system (ATC).

BRD130 Taipei Taiwan BRD130 Taipei Taiwan BRD130 Taipei Taiwan