Road-rail vehicle for Middle East

After a successful construction last Thursday and Friday the FAT for the new Bemo KRE15RCRV passed.

The KRE15RCRV is electrically powered and equipped with batteries for the power supply. It does not produce exhaust gas and noise emissions. During the day the locomotive is in use and at night the batteries are recharged. He can drive both on the track and on the road. This makes it easy to bypass long stretches of track and, for example, drive to another place in a workshop / depot across the road. The locomotive will take care of the shunting work at a factory in the Middle East where new wagons are built and will replace an old locomotive. Basically he will move the hulls from the paint shop to the end assembly department.

By this choice, the customer will save a lot on fuel consumption, maintenance and emissions.

2 locs to Metro Taipei – Taiwan

In the meantime FAT have been held in Warmenhuizen for BRD130 and BRD50 for Taipei Metro. After the successful FAT both locs are transported and delivered in Taipei. The SAT follows at a later time, as soon as the deposit and the tracks are ready.
BRD130 Taiwan Taipei BRD130 Taiwan Taipei BRD130 Taiwan Taipei BRD130 Taiwan Taipei