Synthetic sleepers | The new generation of sleepers

Bemo Rail is continuously developing and innovating, by choosing the best, most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Our engineering department has researched the possibilities for new materials that are better for the climate, without compromising on quality.

The new generation of sleepers
In addition to our regular concrete sleeper, we also offer a new generation of sleepers, a fully synthetic sleeper. The sleepers are made from a recycled material and produced according to a patented technology. We have full control of the production process because it concerns our own production. We use a low temperature process, no injection moulding, but melting and high pressure formation. The emphasis is on the long molecule structure.

Synthetic material is often used for bridges, switches, but also for train tracks, lightrail and industrial applications. The advantage of synthetic material is that the product is strong, durable, lightweight, easy and quick to assemble and completely circular. The price is low (compared to other synthetics), the TOC is low and availability is guaranteed.

Synthetic sleepers

Why use synthetic sleepers:

  • Fully recycled material
  • Own material, full control of input and process
  • Patented technology
  • Low temperature process. No injection moulding, but melting and high pressure formation.
  • Accent on long molecule structure
  • High capacity 100,000 pieces and scalable
  • Used all over the world
  • Resistant to compression load formation
  • Toughness, synthetics absorbs energy during load

More information:
For more information, contact Erik de Jong on +31226 42 53 00 or via  Have a look at all our types of sleepers:

synthetic sleepers Bemo Rail

Peel Ports – phase 1 completed

For the new deepwater terminal by Peel Ports Group in Liverpool (England) Bemo Rail started in January with the construction of runway rails on a ballast bed. Phase 1 has been completed successfully. It concerns a part of the rail construction, customized anchorages, jacking points and buffers. On to Phase 2!

Peel Ports fase 1 Peel Ports fase 1 Peel Ports fase 1


Rail construction for Sobeys – Canada

For a German client Bemo Rail mounted in a short time 996 meter rail construction in a distribution center of supermarket chain Sobeys. With an installation team Bemo Rail has ensured that all rails are mounted within the FEM tolerance. The rail systems are built in 9 different courses and will serve for so-called stacker cranes, that run between the storage racks.

Bemo Rail is also your partner in Canada for the supply and installation of rail systems!

Sobeys - Canada Sobeys - Canada Sobeys - Canada


Antwerp Gateway new rail construction

For DP World Bemo Rail launched at Antwerp Gateway a rail construction for the expansion of this terminal with 3 pieces Automatic Stacking Cranes (ASC).

It concerns a rail construction located on a ballast bed with concrete sleepers and rail AS 86. Furthermore, custom-made anchor shoes were set, which cooperate in absorbing the lateral forces at the end of the rail construction. In mid-May 2016 three runways each approximately 636 meters rail construction.

Antwerpen Gateway - Automatic Stacking Cranes Antwerpen Gateway - Ankerschoenen

Rails voor Sobeys Toronto

Bemo Rail has been commissioned for the company Dambach Lagersysteme GmbH in total to construct 996 meter rail construction in the new distribution of Sobeys in Toronto, Canada. The rail systems can be built in nine different courses and will serve for so-called stacker cranes which will move between the racking goods.

The plan is to have the work completed around the end of this year.

Railconstructie Sobeys Toronto Railconstructie Sobeys TorontoRailconstructie Sobeys Toronto